Hawksworth Vidyapith



Hawksworth Junior school was established on the Tholassery hills , the cradle of modern education in Thiruvalla



The school maintains high academic standard. Smart class room facilities are provided.



A highly qualified and well-equipped teaching faculty of Hawksworth Vidyapith plays a vital role in the lives of students.

Meritorious Victory

The Hawksworth Vidayapith School recently celebrated a meritorious victory as their students achieved outstanding results in the 10th-grade exams. The hard work, perseverance, and dedication of the students paid off as they excelled in their academic pursuits. Their impressive performance reflects the high-quality education provided by the school and the excellent guidance of their teachers. The victory not only brings immense joy and pride to the students and their families but also showcases the school’s commitment to nurturing and shaping bright young minds. Hawksworth Vidayapith School congratulates its victorious students on their exceptional achievements and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors.